Johanne Delaney

Employee Profile: Johanne Delaney
Executive Assistant


Johanne Delaney says, half-jokingly, that have grown up the youngest of four daughters in an “raucous” Irish household, she values the quiet life.

But you would never know it from her work choices.

After a career in high-tech that included working for a US-based software company, she is now at heart of RAC’s administrative support – keeping the proverbial trains running at the Railway Association of Canada’s executive offices.

“I have a juggling talent that sometimes requires more hands,” she says. “It’s fast-paced. Things are always changing. I’m always learning. It’s been interesting.”

Johanne is also one of the driving forces behind the Railway Hall of Fame.

Home life is only marginally quieter.

Johanne is a single mom. Her adult daughter, Ashely, 24, is on the autism spectrum and lives at home.

“It’s challenging and rewarding at the same time. She is smarter than I am in certain ways; she has a great memory and is artistically gifted. I rely on her for certain things, and she relies on me.”

In the rare moments she has to herself, Johanne enjoys the escapism of a good murder mystery or thriller fiction. (James Patterson, J.D. Robb, and Agatha Christie are her favourite authors.)

While referring to herself as a home body, she does enjoy heading to the local pool for aquafit classes.

When the pandemic took that outlet away, Johanne went online, bought yarn, and taught herself to crochet.

“I love the pattern and how it comes out. I’ve moved from dish cloths, to blankets, Afghans, and scarves.”

Johanne has knit for herself the life and career she wants. And that’s true artistry.

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