Kim Buffone

Employee Profile: Kim Buffone
Senior Administrative Assistant


Kim Buffone’s “people first” attitude might be more accurately termed “other people first.”

“I believe in the power of good karma, helping others is part of it,” she says.

Kim is an avid baker supplying treats to her family as well as the entire neighbourhood in rural south Ottawa.

Kim is constantly on the go and giving of herself by volunteering at her local church and doing weekly wellness checks on her disabled twin brother.

The importance of family, community, and hard work are lessons she has tried to instill as a mom and stepmom to three young adults.

“During the pandemic, we’ve taken stock as a family about what is important – hard work, community, the wellbeing of those closest to us. We’ve been reminded that those are the things that truly matter.

“With those things, you have great wealth. The rest is just window dressing.”

Never being one to sweat the small stuff has served her well in her busy day job, too.

As the Railway Association of Canada’s senior administrative assistant, Kim supports both the regulatory affairs and operations staff, including dangerous goods and field staff.

“When you like what you do it shows, and I’m lucky to love what I do and the people I work with.”

She says she is proud to help keep RAC members up-to-date on ever-changing regulations and industry trends, and proud of rail’s role in delivering for Canadians.

“What can I say? I love helping others. I like working in the background and helping other people shine.”

When she does find time to herself, it’s likely with a book in hand. Kim’s a voracious reader, and she is a frequent patron at the local library and online book rental sites.

Her favourite author, Harlan Coben, once wrote: ““perhaps the greatest lesson was also the simplest: Cherish and take care of what you value. Happiness is fragile. Appreciate every moment and do everything you can to protect it. The rest of life, in a sense, is background noise.”

It’s a lesson Kim has learned and works to share with others, daily.

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