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15 Years For the RAC Dangerous Goods Team

In June 2014, the RAC Dangerous Goods Team (DGT) turned a young 15 years old.

Since June 1999, the DGT has serviced RAC members in Transportation of Dangerous Goods-related issues admirably.

From left: Curtis Myson, Andy Ash, Gary Bauer, J-P Couture.

The DGT has worked through new regulations, inspections, audits, has given advice and recommendations, conducted TRANSCAER presentations to countless communities, conducted world-class training on railway emergency response and responded to rare, but highly publicized incidents.

The RAC Dangerous Goods Team are:
Andy Ash, Director, Toronto
Jean-Pierre Couture, Montreal
Gary Bauer, Saskatoon
Curtis Myson, Edmonton

For more information, contact the RAC Dangerous Goods Team member in your region.

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