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Canada’s railways welcome publication of proposed locomotive voice and video recorder regulations

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) welcomed Transport Minister Marc Garneau’s announcement of the publication in the Canada Gazette, Part I, of proposed Locomotive Voice and Video Recorder Regulations (LVVR) that specify the technical requirements for rail companies to install these devices on-board their locomotives.

“Canada’s railways have long advocated for the implementation of locomotive voice and video recorders on trains,” said Marc Brazeau, RAC President and Chief Executive Officer. “Allowing railways to use on-board voice and video recordings in the context of proactive safety management will be instrumental in the rail industry’s efforts towards accident prevention.”

The RAC and its member railways have worked closely with railway unions and regulators for several years to develop an effective LVVR implementation plan. RAC and its members look forward to reviewing the proposed regulations during the 60-day consultation period.

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