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RAC proactively working towards updated science-based work-rest rules

Transport Minister Marc Garneau issued a Ministerial Order under section 19 of the Railway Safety Act on Friday, December 21, 2018 to address work-rest rules.

The Canadian railway industry benefits from a robust safety regime that includes strong regulatory oversight and enforcement by Transport Canada, which is complemented by corporate-level Safety Management Systems and an efficient and responsive rule making capacity, with such rules subject to ministerial approval.

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) looks forward to reviewing the Order and working collaboratively with Transport Canada and members to ensure that rail in Canada continues to remain safe.

“RAC works with its members to promote a positive safety culture in the rail industry,” said RAC President and CEO Marc Brazeau. “Safety is a core value for the rail industry and continues to drive our day-to-day operations.”

RAC has long advocated that fatigue is a matter requiring empirical evidence and a scientific approach to identify and deliver effective solutions in order to address it in the workplace.  The RAC Medical Advisory Group, made up of six RAC members, works with all members to better understand the factors that may contribute to fatigue, and mitigate any risks to operations and employees.

Canada’s railways are among the safest in North America and the statistics prove that. Between 2007 and 2016, the safety record – the number of accidents relative to workload – among Canada’s freight railways improved by 37 per cent. Similarly, passenger railways maintained a rate of less than one accident per million travelers for the fifth consecutive year in 2016.

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