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Railway Association of Canada announces 2017 Safety and Environment Award winners

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today announced the winners of the 2017 RAC Safety and Environment Awards at its 100th anniversary celebration event in Ottawa. Intercity passenger railway VIA Rail and shortline operator ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada are the recipients of this year’s awards, which recognize RAC members for their outstanding contributions to rail safety and environmental stewardship.

“Throughout 2017, we’ve been reflecting on rail’s contribution during the past century, and looking forward to what the next hundred years will bring,” said RAC President and CEO Michael Bourque. “These initiatives demonstrate the culture of innovation that’s alive and well among Canada’s railways. Congratulations to this year’s winners and thank you for your efforts in advancing rail safety and sustainability in Canada.”

“Congratulations to the Railway Association of Canada on marking 100 years,” said Transport Minister Marc Garneau. “I would also like to acknowledge the recipients of the safety and environment awards. It’s hard to imagine what Canada would be like without our railway history. The Government of Canada continues to support a modernized transportation system that is safer, greener, more reliable and efficient for both travel and trade.”

The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) today announced the winners of the 2017 RAC Safety and Environment Awards at its 100th anniversary celebration event in Ottawa.

In the Class 1 category, VIA Rail won a RAC Safety Award for its Locomotive Engineer tablet project, which allows employees to easily access mandatory operating documents electronically using iPads. This initiative reduces the risk of workplace injury related to handling heavy paper rule books and instructions while on duty, and enhances safety by increasing employee engagement among locomotive engineers, supervisors and senior management of VIA Rail’s 390-person transportation group.

VIA Rail also won a RAC Environment Award for its fuel consumption strategy, which recently incorporated an index that allows the company to measure wirelessly transmitted locomotive performance data and analyze this information to improve fuel economy.

“We are honoured to be recognized by our peers, members of the Railway Association of Canada. This recognition acknowledges our commitment towards rail safety for our passengers, employees and the public. As importantly, it highlights our contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint of Canadian travellers,” declared Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, President and Chief Executive Officer of VIA Rail. “This commitment is at the heart of everything we do. We constantly look at ways to improve our well-established procedures and processes to embed safety into our day-to-day operations, and to stay at the forefront of the best safety management practices in the industry. We also aspire to preserve the environment for future generations. This is why we have set bold energy and carbon emission reduction targets for ourselves as a member company of the International Union of Railways (UIC).”

In the non-Class 1 category, ArcelorMittal Infrastructure Canada won a RAC Safety Award for its Courageous Leadership in Action program, which aims to improve safety culture across all areas of its business by recognizing employees’ efforts in reducing risk.

“This award represents a source of stimulation for our employees, and it encourages them to excel and continue to be resourceful,” said Jean-Pierre Boucher, railway director at ArcelorMittal infrastructure Canada.




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